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Free Drama, Theater, and Film Resources

Is your child a tad on the... dramatic side? Don't worry, they all are! Funnel that energy into dramatic education, and we don't mean explosions in science class. Both scripted and improv skills help with a variety of both academic and interpersonal skills, and improve confidence. Studying theater and film helps students analyze all aspects of the world around them, while improving levels of cultural knowledge.

Free Drama Resources

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Free Theater Resources

CeeBeeBees is the BBC's channel for young children, and every Christmas they put on a special live play. The play has been a children's version of a Shakespeare play a few times, and the channel puts out a number of shorts that play in the weeks leading up to the performance to educate its audience about William and his plays. There are some references to recurring characters on CeeBeeBee shows which may go over the heads of a US audience.

Free Film Resources

Common Sense Media is my very favorite review site. I used to read it for everything I showed my students: they might swear up and down that it was fine for school, but I'd been burned before. Normally I avoid listicles, but this is a pretty good one with some good viewing ideas.

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