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Free Nature Study Resources

For a while, "Nature Study" was all the rage in homeschooling circles, and I have to admit that I loved it. Getting kids outside and learning about their environment? Absolutely! I'm so glad to see that the movement has gone more mainstream, and there are so many great resources out there for getting kids to explore nature.

Free Nature Study Resources

Below, find a mix of old and new ideas for nature studies. So many ideas may be regional: see if your area has a local Audubon center. And check out local National Park Service properties, too!

Anna Bosford Comstock's 700 page Handbook of Nature Study is the granddaddy of Nature Study. It's popularly used in Charlotte Mason homeschooling. It's very old (which is why it's available online!), and definitely skews towards the Northeast, but it's still a really fun reference guide to many plants and animals.

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