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Free Geography Resources

Geography is the study not only of the physical formations and mapping of the earth, but the way that people interact with it and even change it.

Free Geography Resources

The Core Knowledge Foundation publishes free curriculum in English, Science, and Social Studies. It's all very comprehensive and well done, designed to impart cultural and social knowledge to diverse learners. I am a huge fan of this curriculum, and wish that more public schools adopted it.

Although National Geographic is a US-centric organization, this website is actually geared to elementary teachers in the UK: the KS1 and KS2 stand for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These years cover approximately elementary school in the US (kindergarten through 5th grade or so). The difference is that UK standards call for teaching geography in a thorough way.

Little Passports is a subscriptions service that sends your child boxes about different countries every month. It's cute, but not cheap. However, they do offer this page of free printable and worksheets about different countries around the world, which you may find useful.

These lessons are designed for high school students, and are definitely pretty advanced. Level 1 does not require any sort of subscription or upfront cost. Lessons include critical thinking, using mapping and other software, and inquiry-based learning exercises.

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