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Free Resources About Teaching World Languages

Everyone knows that the younger you start a language, the easier it is to learn. So why do most US schools wait until middle or even high school to start learning a second language? This section contains free resources to introduce your child to a number of world languages.

Free Resources for Teaching Multiple Languages

The following resources provide materials for teaching more than one language.

Most people have heard of DuoLingo already, as it's one of the most popular learning apps in the world. However, it really is an amazing resource, so it seemed remiss not to include it. My children all use it to practice the languages they're learning in school (some teachers even assign it as homework!) and to dabble in learning new languages. I admit that we pay for a subscription, and the access to the podcasts and additional resources is worth it to us: however, I wouldn't recommend doing that until you've decided if you're really going to use the program.

Coffee Break Langauges' main product are pricey classes, but they offer free podcasts about learning languages, and some other free resources. This program is designed for high school students and adults.

The United States Department of State offers a fascinating array of opportunities for high school students to learn languages that are in high demand for government work. These include Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Turkish, and more. My eldest child has participated in two of these programs, and they are exceptionally well run, but do require significant commitment: the Russian class she took online over the summer met for 4 weeks, 4 hours a day, then had homework, and was supposed to be equivalent to a college semester's worth of Russian. The other program she's participating in (as I write this) is a year abroad in another country, learning the language and culture, and being a "cultural diplomat" for the United States.


These are absolute gems of programs, and worth checking out even if you don't want to work for the US government down the road: knowledge of these languages is also highly sought after in business and academic fields. On the page linked, check the "Youth Programs" down at the bottom to see the list of cultural and language exchange programs offered.

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