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Free Arts and Crafts Resources

Many adults in American have a fear of math, which they then pass on to their students. It's a wretched cycle that is so important to break! As you teach math, remember to stay positive!


Drawing, painting, sculpture, and more... this section has resources about teaching students traditional and modern art forms. Click here for free Studio Art Resources.

I'm a big believer in the importance of crafts. Art is all about the visual, while craft is about the creation. It requires skill, technique, and is usually rooted in tradition. Crafts encourage patience, concentration, planning, and dexterity: all skills that provide huge benefits to children (and to anyone). Click here for free Craft Resources.

Art history and appreciation overlaps with so many other subjects: history, geography, analytical thinking, and, of course, art. Art history and appreciation doesn't require the concentration or cleanup of actually making the art, but it certainly improves an artist's skills. Click here for free Art History and Appreciation Resources.

Some scientists think that music is what sets humans apart from other species, even other higher-level primates. Music should be an important part of every child's education: both knowing the history, understanding music theory, and learning how to make it in a controlled manner. This section includes a variety of free resources about all aspects of music education.  Click here for free Music Resources.

Is your child a tad on the... dramatic side? Don't worry, they all are! Funnel that energy into dramatic education, and we don't mean explosions in science class. Both scripted and improv skills help with a variety of both academic and interpersonal skills, and improve confidence. Studying theater and film helps students analyze all aspects of the world around them, while improving levels of cultural knowledge. Click here for free Drama, Theater, and Film Resources.

Is cooking an art, a craft, science, or a life skill? I wrestled with where to put this section, and it almost ended up with science, or with life skills. But I'd say that cooking is a craft that happens to be a close cousin to an art form. The fact is that I've never met a kid who didn't like to cook, which is a good thing, because it's certainly a life skill!  Click here for free Cooking Resources.

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